Food Box Program at St. Anne’s Catholic Church, Grants Pass OR

Text of email from FR. WILLIAM HOLTZINGER, pastor of St. Anne’s:


Good evening! I just wanted to share that we at St. Anne will be give giving away some 400+ boxes of food (dairy, vegetables, and some meat) to anyone who needs it. Please share with anyone who may have a need. It’s basically, persons can drive up our driveway from 10th St., stay in the their car, pop the trunk/hatch or door, and we will give them a box of food. Some may have needs that are greater, then simply ask for another box. We have hopes to do this every week for the next several weeks.

The Food Box Program will be distributing food every TUESDAY from 11 AM to 1 PM.

We will not be asking any questions or tracking anything. We’re just giving the food away. The Archdiocese of Portland won a USDA grant in partnership with Pacific Fruit Company to distributes tens of thousands of boxes of foods which were packed in Portland and sent out the Catholic parishes along the I-5 corridor.

Link to more info about program here