Church Survey 2019 Introduction

Dear St. Luke’s Family,

At our Vestry retreat on March 2nd of this year, we agreed to create a Strategic Planning Committee whose basic purpose is to create a three-to-five-year plan for St. Luke’s. The strategic plan will determine the direction of our church and how to best use our resources to get there. Our goal is to have the beginning process completed by the end of 2019.

Without your consideration, help and thoughtful responses, the plan will have little to no meaning. Therefore, we invite you to please respond to the questionnaire. We will use the gathered information to develop what to focus on, determine our goals and what specific actions to take.

We ask that each person fill out his or her own questionnaire; we are looking for your thoughts and opinions. Please take your time to answer these questions and please be as honest as possible.

We ask you to complete this questionnaire by August 11th. If you have any questions or need help, please talk to a member of your Vestry.

Rev. Ernestein C. Flemister

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