At St. Luke's, faith and joy meet our needs 
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  "To know Christ and to make Him known." 
 Enjoy your web visit.  Come in person and enjoy the people, the worship, the service to others, the Good of Jesus Christ.  We would have you know Christ in us, and are eager to get to know Christ in you

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Theologically and physically speaking, this parable reminds us that we are but caretakers of what God has given us for the benefit of all.  . 
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Sermon October 5, 2014
Matthew 21:33-46
Once again Jesus tries to get the religious leaders to see things the same way God sees things. 

The kingdom is at hand, let us change into our wedding robe; let us change our way of being
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In worship we should be filled with a sense of awe and wonder at the Holy Mysteries presented before us

Sermon for October 12, 2014
Matthew 22:1-14

First and foremost he was an evangelist, writing both the gospel and Acts. 
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Sermon October 19, 2014
Commemoration of the
Feast of St. Luke
What do we know about St. Luke?  First and foremost, he wrote both the gospel that bears his name and The Acts of the Apostles

This is the day we honor those in every age that was, is and is to come who have been washed in baptism and have died in the hope of the resurrection. 
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Sermon November 2, 2014
Revelation 7:9-17
John's vision of wars, earthquakes, famines and death are a reflection of what he saw in his world every day

The extra oil brought by the five wise bridesmaids symbolizes a willingness to live into the delayed kingdom. 
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Sermon November 9, 2014
Matthew 25:1-13
We are called to stand up to principalities, powers and dominions and proclaim the name of God in Christ

I am less concerned with magic words and formulas than I am with opening eyes and getting people to see Christ in all conditions and manner of people around us.
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Sermon for November 23, 2014
Christ the King Sunday
Matthew 25:31-46
 "Do you believe people will go to hell unless they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior?"